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KeyGeni’s flooring services offer a seamless and efficient approach to managing your flooring needs. From the initial inspection to pricing and implementation, we provide an all-inclusive solution. Our partnerships with NCCA approved cleaners and Carpetright enable us to offer both cleaning services and full flooring replacement options, tailored to meet your specific requirement.

Flooring Identification and Pricing: At KeyGeni, we specialise in accurately identifying various flooring types and providing immediate, competitive pricing during the inspection. This efficient process ensures you have all the necessary information upfront.

Partnership with NCCA Approved Cleaners: Our collaboration with NCCA approved cleaners guarantees top-quality cleaning services for your flooring. These professionals adhere to the highest standards, ensuring your floors are impeccably maintained.

Collaboration with Carpetright for Flooring Solutions: Teaming up with Carpetright, we offer a range of flooring replacement options. Whether it’s a simple refresh or a complete overhaul, our joint expertise ensures a perfect match for your space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What expertise does your team bring to flooring inspection?

Our skilled team specialises in accurate flooring identification and thorough initial assessments, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards of quality and precision.

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